Hi am back!

Hi fellow internet users!

Whats been happening with you all?

For me, its been a crazy month of too much work and well a little bit chilling as well. 

Working in the fashion industry is not everybodys cup of tea and that i have realised now because hello, industrial internship!

I always always wanted to be a part of this fascinating part of the world. Meet people, dress good, see people dressing fancy, creative designs and art, i wanted all of it, everything and I still want all of it. There’s something mesmerizing about the world of fashion that one is automatically hooked to it. I know I am.

After a lot of talks with myself on; if I want to continue wanting to be a fashion journalist or not. I have come to a conclusion that I want to be. Hell yeah, definitely but i still have kept my options open. What if it backfires you know. You should always have a plan B. 

Its a huge industry with a massive history attached to it and the people involved in it. So much that i don’t even know half of it. But well, we all learn with time. Don’t we?

Come back for more ranting and of course for more news on the fashion biz.

Until next time.
Lots of Love 
Team FAOD.


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