I don’t know what to write.

Hi rockstars!

How are you guys doing?
Umm… don’t know what to write.
We are having some rough days here and therefore no coverages, no posts and we feel so terrible about it, couldn’t go for Lakme also. Yeah now that really sucks. Lately life’s gone a little off track and well trying really hard to get it back on track so that we can share our thoughts and reviews with you guys. As the name says it all its a fashion/lifestyle blog. FAOD brings to you the best of everything from good books to movies (oh my god oh my god did you see shandar’s trailer?)to products, their reviews and of course fashion weeks. Craaaazy fashion weeks. We aim to help, believe and dream.

FAOD is a follower of this amazing initiative called – TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS and we would love if you could follow it too. It would mean a lot to us and believe us once you check who these guys are and what they are doing you would want to follow them too. Check their website –

Follow us on Instagram – @fashionnotherdrugs

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We will start posting soon. Please hang in there. But till then …

Laters baby
Team FAOD.


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